Today in class we had an Edcamp session where as a class we split into groups to discuss topics that interested us that were brought forward by our peers. I loved having the opportunity to discuss accommodating students and whether discomfort in classrooms is always a negative thing. By doing it in small groups with our classmates, it was a very open discussion where everyone felt comfortable sharing their experiences and opinions. It was educational to listen to everyone’s perspectives and contrast ideas in a friendly manner. I would be very interested in experiencing an EdCamp session with a larger range of individuals as I think it could be very interesting to get varying opinions on topics from people of different ages and backgrounds. I agree with a comment made by a classmate saying that if doing this with young children, inquiry questions to guide the conversation would be useful. This is because I found even with us that after about thirty minutes we broke out into other topics of conversation and strayed away from the initial question. This is a great professional learning opportunity as we are educating ourselves from others’ experiences, opinions, and knowledge on a topic we are all collectively interested in exploring, and that is relevant to our careers of becoming teachers!


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