Today in class we had the opportunity to have a video conference call with Ian Landy who is a principal in Powell River. With twenty years of experience as a teacher, he gave us an abundance of information on his experience of being a pro-technology educator, and what this can look like in a classroom. I loved his passion for finding different ways to explore communication, and finding ways to engage students in ways in which they enjoy, ultimately increasing their achievement. His belief in completing the competencies, not the assignments, decreases student pressures and creates a more welcoming learning environment. He discussed formative assessment, and how he uses eportfolios to document students’ progress and success academically. Instead of report cards, they show a students journey rather than just the ending. It is much more relevant and meaningful, and gives parents an opportunity to see how a student is thriving through videos/audio. This ongoing documentation of students progress is a great example of how technology can be incorporated into classrooms to better the experience for not only the students, but their parents as well!

Ian Landy’s blog


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