I have been spending time exploring different resources that I can look at to guide my learning with cooking. A popular chef named Jamie Oliver has many amazing resources for people to use to learn the basics to cooking, and for those that are experienced as well.

I picked up two of his recipe books that immediately address two of my initial questions:

  • How can I minimize time when cooking without detracting from taste?
  • How can I use fewer ingredients to still create something that tastes great?

Both these books have recipes that require few ingredients (cost-effective) and are not time consuming! I am excited to try them out.

When I was in the UK in the summer, I was very impressed with their “5 A Day” system. It is a National campaign they partake in, which encourages everyone to consume 5 portions of fruits and vegetables in a day. It is based on advice from the World Health Organization. I noticed when I was there that everything in the grocery stores and at restaurants is marked with how many of your 5 A Day is consumed within it. I thought this was a great way for people to keep track of how many fruits and vegetables they are consuming. I have decided to try and also consume 5 A Day, and add as many fruits and vegetables I can to my recipes. After reading articles on this campaign and the positive effects of it, I am excited to incorporate it into my everyday routine.


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