Our class had the opportunity to visit Rebecca Bathurst Hunt‘s Kindergarten classroom at George Jay Elementary. She is a co-author of the book “Inquiry Mindset” which discusses the curiosity in young students’ minds and ways that inquiry enhances their learning. I was in awe at her classroom set-up and how passionate she was about her career and her students. She was truly inspiring and was a great example to us all of what we have the potential to become one day! Her classroom has lots of manipulatives for students to use, and her emphasis on hands-on learning is recognized all around the room. I admire her enthusiasm in creating stations for students to use out of raw materials to enhance their learning and understanding.

It was exciting to see ways to incorporate inquiry into a classroom as young as Kindergarten. Starting off small can be just putting a question jar in the classroom for students to put their thoughts in. Every year, more can be implemented into the classroom and it is up to the comfort level of you, the teacher, with how much you are willing to incorporate. There is no pressure to start your first year in teaching solely with inquiry as it takes practice, and there are always trials and errors along the way. Seeing an environment with inquiry materials at every corner of the room was nothing short of inspiring. Rebecca has great materials on her website to guide inquiry teaching. She regularly posts on her blog and Instagrams the activities she is doing in her class, which demonstrates positive collaboration and sharing of resources. This is a great example of how blogging and social media can be used as a platform for teachers to work together to create a network of shared resources and experiences!

Rebecca discussed three questions she asks students after they have a provocation. A provocation can be taken from something as simple as an image.
A students’ wish.
These Kindergarten students are starting an inquiry about Space. This is a set-up in a corner of the classroom where students can interact with space-like surroundings and get ready for take-off!
A cozy area where students can relax.

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