Today in class, groups presented their lesson plans and unit plans that incorporate music into cross-curricular activities. We were able to learn a lot from each other’s ideas and everyone was very creative. We are able to collaborate and take these ideas onto our future teaching practices and find an abundance of ways to use music in our classrooms. Music makes any lesson fun and engaging! Lessons in class discussed rhythm, beat, pitch, and volume. These are all aspects of music that are very important for students to comprehend and understand how to change, as well as how they contribute to the sound of a piece of music. It is a great idea for them to learn these alongside learning fun activities about a topic such as the weather. The unit plan had various subjects which made sure there was something for every student to enjoy as their interests may vary. Positive teaching points I noticed during people’s lessons included checking for understanding. Groups were very clear with instructions and constantly checked with our class for feedback and understanding. This ensured that everyone knew the task at hand which is always very important. Furthermore, when we were separated into groups, the teachers walked around and helped us make sure we were doing the right thing and headed in the right direction. Instructions were split up into small sections so it wasn’t too difficult to follow along. One idea I observed that I want to look further into is the rain stick creating in art class. I think it would be very fun for students to create an instrument that sounds like a weather pattern that they can all recognize. I can see them being very enthusiastic about something that they’ve made themselves.


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