Samantha and I are exploring how to audio edit for our tech inquiry. We decided to do this because we are learning how to play the keyboard in music class and thought it would be fun to learn how to change and expand the sounds we create. We will be using GarageBand to explore techniques such as splitting clips, fading them, combining sounds, and we hope to modify the tracks we record. We are alternating blogging our progress, you can find Samatha’s posts by clicking here! Our titles are numbered so you can read them in chronological order.

It is essential that we have a few resources to start off our learning journey as neither of us have ever explored GarageBand and its features before. From videos to articles, here are the methods we have found useful and would recommend to other first-time users!

The creators of this video have a whole website called The GarageBand Guide. We highly recommend visiting this site and using its content to start gaining knowledge around this audio editing software. It was very useful and answered almost all of our questions!

For those that prefer to read a book to learn, we recommend this one:


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