Jesse Miller, (@MediatedReality on Twitter) looks at issues revolving around kids in tech. Today, we had the opportunity to listen to him speak on this topic to our EDCI 336 class and ask him questions There are a few key points I took away from his discussion that were eye-opening. I really can emphasize his point that healthy electronic device-use starts with leadership. A great example he gave was that if a parent is watching their child’s soccer game and sitting on their phone the whole time, this is not giving a positive message to their child but also is showing a lack of interest towards their interests. As teachers, this shows that students might not have reliable examples at home so we have the opportunity to show them healthy methods of using technology and when is the right time to incorporate it. Furthermore, I really connected to his statement asking if we would be willing to still be active on social media, such as Instagram if it cost money to use. This really made me think about the value of what we post. This is a question that could be asked to students to make them understand that their activity needs to be taken seriously. Ever since the 2010 evolution of Instagram and snapchat, students are more concerned with the likes and validation they receive from a post, rather than whether the content is meaningful and has a purpose. It is important we stray away from this idea and show how to be safe on these spaces and make smart choices.

It is important to knock down those that say it is bad for kids to immerse in technology, and demonstrate the ways in which it can benefit their lives and educational journey in a safe manner! There are so many resources for students to learn and express themselves on. Giving them the opportunities to try them out broadens their horizons and allows them to discover what ways work for them.


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