Last week, we were only able to record one part of our duet using the musical typing feature on GarageBand, where you use the laptop keys as piano keys, it looks like this:

This week, we decided that we wanted to try and recreate our duet on GarageBand by using the microphone to record one part, and combining this with the recording from last week, and then layer them together to recreate the duet we did together in week 1!

Through this we learnt how to trim audio clips, layer them, and lower the volume while they are playing at the same time. We also had to export it into an MP3 file so that we could upload it to iMovie, and then post it to YouTube to share here on our blog.

Pros to recording using the microphone:

  • Very easy to use
  • You’re able to play the actual instrument
  • Authentic sound
  • Counts you in
  • Have more freedom with using all keys and octaves

Cons to recording using the microphone:

  • Background noise is noticeable
  • Small noises like breathing can be heard
  • In comparison to the laptop keyboard, it is not as crisp

Pros to using musical typing (shown above):

  • A very crisp, and clear sound
  • Recording goes straight onto your track
  • No transporting of files is necessary
  • Very convenient, you do not have to own a keyboard to record the sound

Cons to using musical typing:

  • Very limited range of keys
  • Can only play one octave at a time
  • People cannot play together such as duets
  • Artificial sound (too perfect)

This is our final product:

With this method, we found that there was too much of a contrast between the two parts and overall, it did not flow as much as desired.


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