My older brother with some musical experience as a DJ informed me that it was possible to connect the keyboard directly to GarageBand using MIDI cables labelled “in and out,” I got one of these cables and downloaded the software so that at our next meeting we could play our duet and songs directly from the keyboard onto the laptop with no sound interference from background noises, breathing, etc!

I downloaded the software for Mac users off of the Yamaha website. It was a very tedious process and took a few tutorials to figure out all the steps. The “out” input has to be connected to the “in” cord and I assumed that “out” would connect to “out.” I think this would be a common mistake so it is crucial that you make sure they are connected to the opposite ones. Once downloading the necessary programs, it was very simple to use. When opening GarageBand you just select that you want to create a software instrument track which looks like this:

Once you select this, the program automatically recognizes that your keyboard is connected and you can begin playing after clicking the record button. The software and cable part was definitely the most confusing but once that was sorted out it was very straightforward.

what the MIDI cable looks like

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