This week Samantha and I recorded the solo songs we learnt and recorded them using the MIDI cord. Furthermore, we edited Amazing Grace by adding isolated vocals from an a cappella group. This was definitely the hardest, most complicated project we have done so far as it required a lot of patience with adding all the elements together. A new feature we learnt was to fade out songs. Below is the original recording of the two songs we learnt:

We then found a video of Amazing Grace being performed by a group with no background instruments. This gave us the opportunity to add our own using the keyboard. The original song is this:

Originally we tried to add the recording we recorded above, but ours was a much faster tempo than this group sung it. This gave us the opportunity to discover a new feature on GarageBand. We were able to record over the track, while listening to it as we played. This gave us the chance to slow down and line up with the words as best as we could. It isn’t perfect but it would take a lot of tries to get it there! We also learnt how to fade out songs, the whole layout of our final track looked and sounded like this:


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