Today Lauren and Angela did a great presentation on coding. Each language in coding is used for different things, for example Python is for designing games. It is a challenging journey that takes a lot of practice and patience. Coding comes down to ones and zeros, and it’s true and false. A one equals a true and a zero equals a false. It seems very complex and the tables on their blogs can help further explain. Both of their posts have thorough explanations of their learning process. We were introduced to a game called Robot Turtles where students have to control their turtle on the board and move it in different directions and this sets the basis for learning the fundamentals of coding and they weren’t even aware they were learning coding while participating in the activity. The kids play cards and you (the computer) do what their cards dictates you to do. When they reach the jewel they win and more rules can be added each round to make it more complex.

Micro:bit is a system that uses javascript to understand what is going on with the blocking. It goes from a very well-explained system like Scratch into something more difficult but in a good transitional way. These are tools that are great to bring into your classroom and introduce coding to your students!


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