Augmented reality is an interactive experience where objects around you are modified by a computer and presented to you in a new way. I was amazed by the video we watched in class as I have personally never experienced anything like it. I can see how at monitored use it can be used in classrooms for great visuals to learn, such as in the video where we saw the multi-dimensional diagrams of different molecules.

QR codes are machine-readable labels that contain information about the item it is attached to. Smartphones can read these using their camera and they can be used in education such as on bulletin boards, linking to videos or instruction, answer keys, audio books, etc. Https:// is a great resource to have to generate QR codes!

Lastly, the Skitch app was a great tool to learn about to edit photos of students so that their privacy can be prioritized. It is important we have resources like this so that their photos are not outside of Canada and in a secure place. I loved the feature that instantly blurred their face as it modified the original immediately and was super easy to use. I look forward to downloading it and trying it out for my own use.


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