My greatest professional strength as an educator who will teach music is my genuine love for music. When a teacher is enthusiastic about what they are teaching, their enthusiasm is translated onto the students. Your energy as an educator must match your classes; this keeps them engaged and excited to learn! I also think that as I have a love for music, I have many ideas and resources for lesson-planning. This will allow me to encourage differentiated learning in my classroom, and create a student-centred environment by using different materials to reach different students’ needs. I can overall use this strength to capture the attention of my students, spark an interest inside of them to learn, and create lessons that work for everyone. As I love music, I will want my students to love music and this will encourage me to work my hardest to find ways that make sure they do.

When I think about myself as a future educator teaching music, I feel very excited. I believe that teaching something I love and am very passionate about will only motivate me to learn and do more. Growing up, I loved attending music class in my elementary school. In fact, it always felt like a break from the heavy-cognitive lessons during the day. It was a place where we could express ourselves, move, and overall have fun. This is the same environment I wish to create when I am a music teacher or simply putting music into my lessons.

My greatest area of growth during the year/course has been in the area of time management. When learning an instrument, it is essential to be punctual and determined. Without frequently practicing, you lose the skills you acquire and cannot keep up your learning. With learning the keyboard this term, I found it very hard to find time in between class, work, and homework to practice. By setting up the keyboard in my room as a constant reminder to practice, I managed to set aside at least ten minutes every day to simply go over some notes and work on my progress. This technique helped me realize that with proper time management, everything can be achieved in moderation.

After implementing the feedback from the midterm, I am very happy with my progress learning the keyboard this semester. The pressure of memorizing was taken off as we were encouraged to just read the music. This helped me focus on working on my hand placement, flow, and identifying notes based on sound. I continued to work on Ode to Joy, improving based on the comments after I submitted my video. When I felt comfortable with this, I began to learn Amazing Grace. Below is a video where I perform both of these songs. I have found that it takes me quite awhile to get comfortable playing a song, and because of this my learning process takes longer than the average I think. I played both of these songs with no letters on my keys for guidance. This was a big improvement from my midterm where I didn’t feel comfortable playing without them labelled. Furthermore, for Amazing Grace, I decided to challenge myself by not even writing the note letters on my music sheet, which helped me get comfortable with reading music notes as is. One challenge playing Amazing Grace in comparison to Ode to Joy was that it was an octave higher, so the sounds of the notes took awhile to readjust to.

My sheet music for “Ode to Joy”

My sheet music for “Amazing Grace”

You can find the full size of this video by clicking here.


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